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Through the years there has been a phrase that many have used to express being a part of National Church. That is, "The National Experience". This has come to mean many  different things to many different people. To the sick, it has meant a ministry that has seen the miracle working power of God at work in our services. To the lost, it has meant the no nonsense, uncompromised Word of God that delivers straight talk about tough life issues. To those who mourn, it has been a house full of compassion and to the  hurting, National has become a place of inner healing and peace. The National Experience means darkness crushing Worship and Sprit lifting praise. It is a place of direction for the confused and broken. Most of all, National has come to mean Spiritual Empowerment by understanding who we are in  Christ through the power of   the Holy Spirit.


I believe that God is gathering an army to make a difference in this end-time generation. This is an army of ordinary men and women who have been given the spiritual tools to  do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. They have been given knowledge to become salt, understanding to become light, and power to be "more than conquerors."  If this is what you have been looking for, I would love to personally invite you to join us as we ready ourselves fo battle. It could be that the "National Experience" s exactly what you have been needing.


Pastor Lowery




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